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How to Know Balance of Provident Fund

How to know balance of provident fund?

Your Provident Fund account is your personal savings and you have the right to know that at any given point of time. But the good question is how to know that? First thing that can be done is you can walk up to the HR department in your organization and ask for the balances in your Provident Fund account. You ought to know that they receive an annual statement of the funds accumulated in the Provident Fund accounts held by the organization. So you might as well ask for a copy of that.

How to know the latest Updated Balances of the Provident Fund account at any given point of time in the Year?

You need to walk up to the Provident Fund office in your city while being armed with a request duly signed, and your identity proof would be required for being a right person for the information and you being an employee of the organization. You can find the list of Provident fund offices here

Thus for that your identity card provided by your employer should be good enough to solve your problem. In case you do not have one then carry with you a Government issued photo identity. Like your Pan Card or Passport so on and so forth. The Provident Fund office would give you the required information basis those. You need to note that the Provident Fund office provided this facility of providing information free of cost. This means you do not need to pay any thing for the service.

You might as well do the fund accumulation computation for your Provident Fund your self as the computation is not a very complicated one. You might as well lookup on the net for the rate of interest on the Provident Fund account that was declared each year by the government.

Check PF balance/funds in various cities

Employee Provident Fund offices of Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kerala have online facility for employees to check the status of their provident funds.

To check PF account in PUNE Office try here:

To check PF account in AHEMABAD Office try here:

To check PF account in VADODARA Office try here:

To check PF account in CHENNAI Office:

To check PF account in KERALA Office: