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How to transfer HP Gas connection

LPG gas connection of HP is used for different purposes like domestic use, automobile, agriculture, ceramics, drugs etc. Customers will have to follow a certain procedure to get the HP gas connection. Situations may arise when the customer need to Transfer the HP gas connection. The transfer may be in the same city from one area to another or may be in the city and adjoining area. To transfer HP gas connection there is also a certain procedure.

The steps to be followed to transfer HP gas connection are:

If the gas connection is to be transferred within the city or the adjoining area then the user will have to follow the below mentioned processes:

  • The user will have to contact the present distributor and the distributor will issue the CTA or the customer transfer advice.
  • To get the CTA the customer will have to produce the SV or the subscription voucher.
  • The CTA will be valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
  • The CTA – OUT should be produced along with the SV to the new distributor. The new distributor will produce the CTA – IN and give back the original SV after authorization. The documents may be required anytime and should be reserved safely.
  • The cylinder and the regulator should be carried by the customer and there is no need to surrender.

To transfer HP gas connection from one place to another the customer needs to follow the below mentioned procedures:

  • For the HP gas transfer the user will contact the distributor at the current location who will issue the termination voucher or the TV
  • The distributor will also refund the deposited amount mentioned in the SV.
  • The TV remains valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • The domestic gas consumer card should not be surrendered but the same card is to be used at the new place after the authorization.
  • To avail the new connection the user will have to pay the amount mentioned in the TV at the new distributor office and the SV should be collected from there.
  • The SV should be maintained properly.