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How to use Ration Card

Ration Card provides the primary identity

  • Of your nationality.
  • Of your age.
  • Of your name. It is a part of Public Distribution System.

The government of India normally provides three types of Ration Cards, namely:

  • Antyodaya: For the poorest people
  • BPL: People below poverty level
  • APL: For the people of above poverty level

If a person is a new Ration Card holder and thinking that how to use Ration Card, then you can take help of the following information:

  • You can use it to buy the Govt. subsidized food grains, clothes, sugar at minimum prices from specific rationing outlets.
  • Some states now provide photo affixed Ration Card so that it can be treated as your ID proof to open your bank account or any other purpose.
  • It is required to get any certificate from Govt. bodies like birth certificate, death certificate etc.
  • Any other ID certificate is issued based on this certificate.
  • It is the only card which is used for similar distribution of food grains and other necessities among the citizen of a nation in the time of scarcity, war etc.

Also a person needs to remember that if he/she has all the certificates and documents which are required and he or she has no need to buy Govt. subsidized commodities then he or she should not worry about how to use Ration Card. It should be stored in a safe place. It can act as an identity card a person loses his/her PAN card, Pass Port, Driving License, Voter card etc.