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I did not get passport

Once you have applied for an Indian passport, it will take from 6 weeks to 8 weeks time for the processing and delivery of your passport. If you have not received your passport then you can approach the passport office asking I did not get passport?

Reasons for Passport Delay

  • Missing information in the passport application form
  • Supporting documents are not provided.
  • Documentary proofs are not provided.
  • Delayed in police verification.
  • Passport might be delivered from passport office but not reached you due to courier delay.
  • If applied through travel agent then the agent might have collected it and not yet delivered to you.

What to Do?
It is always better to check your passport application status frequently through online system or through tele-enquiry facilities. Some of the regional passport offices also offer SMS facility to know your passport status. If your passport is not delivered to you with in 8 weeks then you can contact the passport authority or if you have applied through travel agent then you can approach the agent to know the reason why your passport is not issued.

If some information or documents are not submitted by you while applying for the passport, then you can provide them the documents immediately. If police verification is not yet done then you can contact your nearest police station and ask them to issue you a verification certificate. If passport authority says that your passport is delivered through courier then you can ask them the details of the courier office and dispatch number. Then you can contact the courier office to collect your passport.

Delivery of Passport
Passport may be delivered only to the applicant or dispatched by speed post to the address given in the application form.

It is always recommended that you keep a photocopy of the application form submitted for passport. You should also keep your receipt of the application which contains your file no. In case of any disputes you can contact the complaints and suggestions department with your photo copy of application and the receipt.