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The ICICI ATM card provides individual benefits of combined facilities of both the credit card and ATM facility into a solitary card. The deal of ICICI card package comprises fore-thought of the Anytime Money Service along with the facility to spend the cash by card, which is accepted widely. With ICICI ATM cum debit cards, it has become easy for people to enjoy cashless dining, traveling and shopping, without the need to carry substantial cash. Every time one would swipe the ATM card, the money will be directly debited to the bank account of ICICI.

ICICI ATM Locations

ICICI has the largest banking network in India that operates all over the country through 24/7 ATM facilities including commercial & residential areas along with certain major places like railway stations, airports, petrol pumps etc. The ICICI ATM + Debit cards make it much simple for the customers to get an access to the banking facilities through more than 3300 ATM networks. ICICI bank also has an official website, from where you can find the ATM locations of ICICI by browsing through the locator, which provides exact information about the locations of ATM. The major cities of the country comprise a multitude of ICICI ATMs located in almost every zone. Pune, Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Chennai are a few cities which multiple ATM locations.

Apply for ICICI Card

Every ICICI card comprises a unique feature and has a lot to offer. An individual can accordingly apply for the ATM card with just a simple process. The first thing that is required to do is to open an account with the ICICI Bank. If you already have a bank account then give the information of your pre-existing account to fill up the application form accessible by all the branches of prevalent ICICI branches. You can also apply online by logging on to ICICI Bank’s official website.