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ICICI Agriculture Loan

The ICICI Agriculture Loan is known as “Loan Against Gold Ornaments” under which the idle gold ornaments are used to generate liquidity which can be used for agriculture and allied activities like poultry, dairy, cultivation fishery etc. The gold ornaments are not actually sold but in reality are used as a security for the loan.


 The applicants should be of at least 18 years and the maximum age allowed is 70 years.

 The purity of the gold must be 18 carat or more.

 The loan proceeds must be used for agriculture and its allied activities.


 Pawn brokers are not eligible.

 Bullion items are not allowed. For example, gold bars, coins, biscuits etc.

 Sole-proprietorship concerns, co-operatives and corporates and partnership firms are not eligible.

Loan Amount:

The loan amount proceeded can be a minimum of Rs 5000 and a maximum of Rs 15,00,000.

Loan Sanction and loan disbursement:

 The loan amount is disbursed only after the gold ornaments are disbursed after a satisfactory assessment and submission of all the documents.

 The loan amount is disbursed either in cash, account fund transfer or DD.

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Interest Rate:

Simple interest rate is payable at the closure of limit or end of tenure, whichever is earlier.

Charges on ICICI Agriculture Loan:

Processing fee is deducted (as applicable) during the loan disbursement.


If the borrower defaults, the rate of 2% per annum is applied over the interest rate as penal interest. Nothing happens to the gold