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ICICI Bank Account

ICICI offers a wide range of banking facilities from Deposits, Savings to loans, Investments, Demat, NRI facilities. Opening an ICICI bank account requires the customers’ details and the customer needs to follow some basic steps to get an account.

For opening an ICICI bank account the customer will have to:

  • Fill an application form.
  • Submit his/her personal details like photocopies of passport or pan card or voter ID card.
  • Submit his/her residence proof like telephone bill, or any of the above-mentioned documents.
  • Choose the type of account he/she wants.
  • Deposit the initial amount, collect the ATM cards, checkbook and passbook.
  • Details of existing bank account if any.

Following are the different types of ICICI bank account:

  • Savings account – ATM cum debit card, mobile, internet banking, money multiplier facility, nomination facility for the user, cash deposits, and withdrawal from home.
  • Senior citizens account – Special care taken of those above 60 years, availability of loan against deposit, usage of outstation cheques, nomination facility available, money multiplier facility, special debit card and much more.
  • Kid’s account – For age group 1-18 years, initial deposit required Rs 2,500, fund transfer facility, withdrawal up to Rs 2,500 per day, a debit card on request.
  • Fixed deposit account – Wide tenure ranges, partially withdrawn of money allowed, nomination facility, loan available, auto-renewal possible.
  • Recurring deposit account – Minimum deposit of Rs, 500 per month, tenure period 6 months maximum and recurring deposit 3 months after, etc.
  • Easy receive account – Usable for domestic banking needs, additional benefits for remittances that come at the account.

ICICI Bank offers internet online banking services to help its customers to avail of the bank facilities through the internet.