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ICICI Business Loan

The ICICI bank provides the business loan to meet the business demands such as working capital, premise renovation etc. Business Installment Loan or overdraft is provided by the ICICI bank without any collateral.

Business Installment Loan:

The Business Installment Loan of ICICI Business loan has the following features:

 The business owner gets credit facility in form of term loan.

 The repayment can be done in form of EMI or equated monthly installments.

 The loan can be repaid over a term of 12-36 months.

 The loan helps in planning and controlling the flow of cash.

 The interest rate on the loan equals (IBAR + Term Premia (0) + 3.5%)

 The ICICI Business loan (Business Installment Loan) comes with a processing fee of 2.5%


The overdraft facility of the ICICI Business loan has the following facilities:

 Overdraft facility provides working capital.

 The facility remains valid for a period of 12 months.

 An interest is charged on the amount of money used.

 The business owner has the facility to pay only the minimum amount due every month.

 The interest rate on the loan equals (IBAR + Cash Credit Premia - 2.7.5%).

 The processing fee is 2.5%.

The advantages of ICICI Business Loan:

 Documentation is very low.

 Fast turnaround time.

 Query resolution is available in the local branches.

 Cash deposits can be done with the current account.

 Provides online repayment facility.

 Accounts can be opened at local branches.


 Business vintage must be comfortable.

 The owner needs to be an income tax payee.

 The track record of the business must be good.


 Most current VAT/service tax/sales tax return.

 Most current income tax return.

 Registration certificate.

 Bank statement.

 Ownership poof like Deed, Property tax paid bill or Municipal tax bill.

 Proof of residence (passport, telephone bill etc.)

 Identity proof (PAN card, passport etc)