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ICICI Gold Credit Card

ICICI bank Gold Credit Card is an exclusive card with premium benefits and offers for its customers.

It is available in three categories-

1. American Express Gold Credit Card
2. ICICI Travel Smart Gold Credit Card
3. ICICI Solid Gold Credit Card

'1. American Express Gold Credit Card


1. Its Free for life time Premium credit card.

2. No annual charges

3. Widely used internationally for Forex and travelers cheque services

4.The card information can be accessed through internet and there is customer care department of ICICI bank to help customers at the time
of need.

Other important features

1. Personal loan can be taken on the card

2. EMI on call

3. Dial a draft

4. Global emergency assistance service

5. Revolving credit facility

6. Credit period of 22 to 52 days

7. 3% discount on domestic ticket booking

8. 5% discount on international ticket booking

2. ICICI travel Smart Gold Credit card

It is a master based card with a joining and annual fee of Rs 1500


1.It can be used for forex and travel cheques

2.Accessible on the internet and at ICICI customer service 24x7

3.Personal loan on the card

4.EMI on call

5.Dial a draft

6.Global emergency service

7.10% discount on basic air fare

8.5% cash back on holiday packages

9.22-52 days credit period

10.Air Accident insurance up to 50 lakhs

3. ICICI Bank Solid Gold credit card

It is accepted at over 22 million merchant establishment internationally.


1.Catalog based Xpress reward programme.

2.Balance transfer of 0.75% for first six months

3.1.49% for the later month

4.Mobile alerts on transactions

5.Dial a draft facility.