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ICICI Kanpur

ICICI Kanpur is a part of the chain of a popular bank <a href="/node/71548">ICICI bank</a>. It is one of the most trusted and efficient private banks of India. It also the second largest bank in the country. ICICI Kanpur provides banking keeping in pace with the latest banking trends in the world and provides efficient services to its customers and cater to their individual needs. It has a huge network online which help in accessing services through the web and through phone banking. It provides up to date information on your bank accounts through phone, SMS and emails, as and when required.

Banking & Financial services provided by ICICI Kanpur:

ICICI bank in Kanpur has 6 branches that operate from different areas of the city. It also has 15 ATM centers out of which some are situated in the bank branches and some are standalone kiosks in the city. Kanpur is the ninth most populous city of India and provides basic banking like current and savings account along with modern services like online accounts and payment through e-cheques. Private banking services like credit card services, ICICI Netbanking and NRI banking facilities are provided by ICICI Kanpur. Forex and Trade services are provided for business banking as well as <a href="/node/64493">Money2India</a> is provided for remittance of funds to India. <a href="/node/64696">ICICI ATM card</a>s provide a secure system of grids to be used for Netbanking facility.

ICICI Kanpur also provides home loans, house loans, car loans and personal loans. It also provides various options for personal and life insurance policies as well as many investment services are also offered by the bank. Customers of the bank are also given silver, gold or platinum <a href="/node/67048">ICICI credit cards</a> for their credit needs. Mutual funds as well as health covers are also provided under various schemes by the bank. Details about the products can be found out more extensively at the bank's website:

Some of the branches of ICICI Kanpur are listed below:

111-A/4, Hotel Shiv Dayal, Ashok Nagar Branch,Kanpur – 208012

251- C, Govind Nagar, Kanpur - 208006

J.S Towers ; 16/106 - The Mall, Kanpur - 208001

277-B, Plot No. 1046, Upkar Guest House, Hamirpur Road, Naubasta, Kanpur – 208021

Customer care numbers and Opening Timings of ICICI Kanpur:

ICICI Kanpur is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm including Saturdays and is closed in Sundays and Public holidays.
You can contact the customer care number of UP to access you banking details: 989 730 8000. It is available for all 24 hours including holidays.