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ICICI Loan Rates

ICICI bank provides a large number of loans to the individuals as well as the businesses. These loans have different interest rates and these rates are subject to change as per RBI circulars and market movements.

Creating a complete chart of ICICI Bank Loan Rates is quite difficult because of the same reasons as mentioned above. This article tries to bring out the rates as much as possible.


Here the interest rates are linked to the ICICI Bank Floating Reference Rate (FRR/PLR). From June 04, 2009, the ICICI Bank FRR reduced by 50 basis points (i.e. 0.50%). Thus the FRR has been reduced from 13.25% to 12.75%. Even PLR decreased on the same date by the same amount leading to changed from 15.25% to 14.75%.

Hence, the floating rate of interest for the Home Loan has been reduced by 0.5% (50 basis points).


The interest rates for ICICI bank personal loans vary between 12-22% for the salaried employees and that for the self-employed people the rate of interest ranges from 14-24%


ICICI Bank offers car loans at a rate of 14.5% for new loans. Rates for the old car are not updated as of now.


The rates of interest on Loans against security are charged based on the rates prevailing in the market on the date of the loan. This is completely market based and can vary drastically.

There are various ICICI Loan Rates for different types of loans offered by ICICI bank.