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ICICI bank provides a special bank account for NRIs. This ICICI NRI Account has features suiting the needs of NRI living abroad who are earning in local currencies and wants to transfer funds to India easily as well as avail various ICICI banking features.


  1. Features and usage of ICICI NRI account
  2. What are the different ways to open an ICICI NRI bank account
  3. How to Open ICICI NRI Bank Account online
  4. How to apply for ICICI NRI Account in person
  5. Service charges of NRI bank account
  6. Address and Phone Number ICICI NRI account Customer Care

Features and usage of ICICI NRI account

  • ICICI NRI account is about having banking facilities all across the world.
  • If you have an ICICI NRI account you can transfer funds, receive funds, make online trading, or shopping from any nuke and corner of the world.
  • This account is especially dedicated to those students who go abroad for higher studies, or for business men who keep flying overseas very often.
  • This account gives the provision of banking in India as well as across the world maintaining a single account.
  • You can transfer the funds from and to India from any part of the world.
  • A secure transaction via internet banking.
  • You can withdraw cash easily from the ICICI international debit card, from any part of the world.

What are the different ways to open an ICICI NRI bank account?

  • One can get his NRI Bank account opened via online.
  • One can get the ICICI NRI Bank account opened in person by visiting the nearest branch.

How to Open ICICI NRI Bank Account online

How to apply for ICICI NRI Account in person

  • You can visit the nearby branch of ICICI Bank and opt for NRI banking.
  • You can collect the application form from the inquiry section and submit to the bank officer.

Service charges of NRI bank account

  • you need to maintain the minimum of Rs.15000 in your NRI Account, in the case of failing to do that you will be charged Rs.750+ service tax.

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Address and Phone Number ICICI NRI account Customer Care

The following is the address of various branches spread across the world

  • Canada: Call on 1888 ICICI CA
  • India: Call on 1800-22-4848 (NRIs in India)
  • UK: Call on 0 8081 314 151
  • USA: Call on 1866 ICICI 4U
  • Bahrain : Call on + 973 17 576 161
  • China : Call on + 86 21 5888 2413
  • Hong Kong : Call on +852-22342651, +852-22342655
  • Russia : Call on + 7 495 981 4988

ICICI Head Office Address ICICI Bank Limited RPC Mumbai, Autumn Estate, 5th Floor, 'A' Wing, Near Mhada, Chandivali, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 072, INDIA.

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