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ICICI NRI Bank Account

ICICI bank also enables banking services for Non Resident Indians. Indians residing in the countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, the South East Asian Countries, the Middle Eastern Countries and all over the world. Those who reside outside India and want to use ICICI NRI Bank Account he/she will just have to follow some documentation process and certain formalities.

ICICI NRI Bank Account provides: 

  • Debit cards, ATM cards are available at certain rates for international customers.
  • Convenient methods of money transfers.
  • Easy exchange rates.
  • Online tracks of the customers’ remittance.
  • Absolutely free internet banking.
  • Savings accounts, fixed deposits, rupee plus plan all are available.

Following are the process to be abided by the international customers for ICICI NRI Bank Account:

  • The customer needs to submit proper documents. The list of the documents are given below:

 Photocopy of pages of passport and visa where the customer’s name and address are stated.

 Photocopy of the pages of the passport containing signature of the owner.

 If the customer owns any other bank account in India then the details of that account should be submitted.

 Copy of the existing passbooks of the accounts in India.

 Photocopy of letter received from the banker in India.

 An original cheque drawn from the existing bank in India.

 Documents may vary for those who are applying through e-banking and those who are applying through postal services.

  • Minimum average quarterly balance required is Rs 15000 per quarter.
  • No account opening charges are applicable.
  • If accounts are closed within one year of opening Rs 500 is to be paid. No charges otherwise.
  • Quarterly and monthly statements are available for free.
  • Regular alerts through emails and sms are provided.