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ICICI Personal Loan

Personal loans are provided by almost all the banks in India and ICICI bank is no different. The ICICI Personal Loan can be used for the following purposes:
• Renovating a house.
• Purchase of electronics like computers, laptops, TV etc.
• Covering up marriage expenses.
• Higher education of children.
As a matter of fact, the <a href="/node/67415">ICICI Personal Loan</a> can be used for a multitude of purposes and caters to the financial needs of a person.
Backward Checks:
Certain backward checks are always done by the bank before granting a loan. Generally the bank looks at the repayment history of the applicant. It can be anything ranging from car loans, credit card repayments, home loans and others.
Eligibility Criteria:
There are certain eligibility criteria laid down by the bank for availing <a href="/node/67415">ICICI Personal Loan</a>. In case the applicant fulfills the requirements, the person’s application is accepted and forwarded for processing.
• Age of the applicant needs to be between 25 years- 58 years if he/she is salaried (25-65 years for self-employed)
• The net annual salary needs to be Rs 96000/- per annum (for self employed: a profit of Rs 60000/- after taxation)
• The applicant needs to be an employee of a public limited company or a private limited company or Government concerns and even employed by an MNC. (For self employed, they need to be MBA’s, Doctors, Manufacturer, Trader, Engineer and architect.
• Must have completed 1 year in the current job (3 years for self-employed people)
• Must be residing in the current residence for at least one year.
• Attractive interest rates.
• Sanctioned loan amount flexible (can be maximum of 15 lakhs)
• Documentation is bare minimum.
• Security or guarantor not needed and minimum documentation required.
• Repayment month of12-60 months.