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ICICI Salary Account

ICICI Bank provides the salary account system to reduce the complexity of payroll system. The employers and employees both get benefits from this account.

Employees can enjoy the following conveniences with ICICI Salary Account

  • Large ICICI ATMs network
  • 24-hour mobile/phone banking is free
  • Internet banking is free
  • Free utility bill payments like phone bill, mobile bill, electricity bill
  • Free reimbursement account
  • Remittance facilities (cheques, demand drafts, pay order) are free
  • Can buy international traveler cheque produced by American Express, Thomas Cook, VISA etc.

Employers can enjoy the following conveniences with ICICI Salary Account

  • Reduced remittance costs
  • Salaries are instantly credited to the employees
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Free cheque pick-up facility and cash delivery facility can be provided on your request
  • Salary account holder can be benefitted by the personal loan from ICICI at a reduced interest rate
  • Can extend their facilities by car loan, two wheeler loan, home loan as the extension of their salary account at a competitive interest rate
  • Can get the loan facilities against the mutual funds and securities held by them
  • Your employees will become ICICI account holder
  • Your employees can benefit with all special offers by ICICI

ICICI exclusively designs a bundle of special offers to facilitate Defense Armed Forces.

Eligibility for opening ICICI Salary Account

  • The organization must have the number of employees at least 25
  • Minimum annual payout will be Rs.36 lacs
  • An average salary for each account must be equal to Rs. 12,000 or more than that