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ICICI mutual fund

ICICI bank provides ICICI mutual funds. The complete name of the mutual fund is ICICI Prudential mutual fund. There are various kinds of schemes available with the ICICI mutual funds and there are certain advantages as well. These are all discussed below.

Types of Funds:

The bank provides the following types of mutual funds to the investors. They are:

  • Debt funds: These funds have income schemes, liquid schemes, Month income schemes, G-sec schemes etc.
  • Equity funds: These funds include the schemes like Diversified Equity Schemes, Index Schemes, Sector Schemes etc.
  • Hybrid funds: These funds include Balanced Schemes, Child education Schemes, Special Schemes - Pension Schemes etc.


  • The ICICI mutual funds are managed by professional fund managers who monitor the market very closely.
  • The mutual funds of the bank have a diverse portfolio of the stocks and equities which results in the minimization of the risk.
  • The ICICI mutual funds provide consistent investment due to features like dematerialized account statements, availability of NAV, easy subscription and redemption processes, performance details through journals etc.
  • Provides huge liquidity with open-ended funds. Funds can be redeemed on demand and is helpful during conditions of falling market.
  • The ICICI mutual funds also provide various tax advantages. It provides tax free dividends and capital investments over a period of one year are also treated a tax free.
  • As there is a huge pool of money, large volumes of securities, stocks and bonds as well as equities are bought at a time leading to cost reduction.