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IDBI Agriculture Loan

IDIBI bank hosts a range of IDBI Agriculture Loan products for the Agricultural business. They are listed below:

Agriculture Finanance (SHORT TERM LOANS)

o Crop Loan With Kisan Credit Card

o PSL Gold Loan Scheme

o Warehouse Receipt Finance

o Loan Against Crop Receivables

Agriculture Finance (TERM LOANS)

o Farm Mechanization

o Financing Wells

o Financing Minor Irrigation Schemes

o Lift Irrigation Schemes

o Loans For Purchase of Land

o Loan For Land Development

o Horticulture & Forestry Development Loans

o Loans For Bullock Pairs & Bullock Cart

o Two Wheeler Loan to Farmers

o Bio Gas

Allied Activities

o Dairy Loans

o Poultry Farming

o Loans For Sheep & Goats Rearing

o Fisheries Loans

o Financing Piggery Unit

o Loan For Silk Production (Sericulture)

o Bee Keeping Madhu Makshika Palan(Apiculture)

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Indirect Finance to Agriculture

o Loan For Construction & Running Storage Finance

o Agri Clinic and Agri Business Centers(ACABCs)

o Dealer Finance Program

o Hi-Tech Projects in Agriculture

o Contract Farming

o Lending to Micro Finance Institution (MFI)

o Other Information

Each loan scheme has its own terms and conditions and the loan amounts vary for each one of them. Even the loan tenure and the interest rates as well as the eligibility criteria also differ from each other. For example, consider the Crop Loan With Kisan Credit Card and PSL Gold Loan Scheme.

Crop Loan With Kisan Credit Card:

 Eligibility: Farmers, owner cultivators, share croppers, tenant cultivators and individual farmers having an agreement with the institution can get IDBI Agriculture Loan.

 Tenor: 5 years with working capital and crop loan renewed yearly. PSL Gold Loan Scheme:

 Eligibility: Assistance for farmers against gold pledge in order to meet the temporary needs of cultivation, medical emergencies, social obligations

 Tenor: 1 month to 24 months.