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IDBI Bank Account

There are 588 branches, 370 centers and 1020 ATMs of IDBI Bank in India. It is engaged in personal banking. Various types of accounts can be opened in IDBI.

The basic features of IDBI Bank Account are as follows

1. Different types of Bank Accounts

  • Current account
  • Pension account
  • Sabka account
  • Fixed deposit
  • Super Shakti account
  • Jubilee Plus account 

2. 24 Hours Banking: IDBI provides 24 hours banking to its customer's

3. Loan

4.  Payments

  • Various types of Taxes like Direct taxes, Indirect taxes can be paid through IDBI.
  • Online payments E.g. payments to Credit cards, Airlines, Bills can be made.
  • It also facilitates Card to Card Money Transfer.

5. Insurance

  • IDBI Bank provides General Insurance 
  • Health insurance and Life Insurance

6. Cards

7. Provides various NRI services with IDBI Bank Account for NRI's

8.  IDBI Bank Account can be used in Capital Market for Demat transactions

9. Investments

  • Mutual fund
  • Fixed Income securities
  • Pension system
  • Smart Financial planning