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IDBI Bank Saving Account

Current Account, Savings Account and all other deposits account can be opened in IDBI Bank. IDBI Saving Account provides customers easy access to their money and banking convenience. IDBI Saving Account is providing various benefits to its customers for a minimum balance of Rs.5000 like faster transfer of money, online payment of various bills (electricity bills, phone bills, payment of insurance etc.) and taxes, higher rate of interest in the savings account.

The other features IDBI Saving Account are:

1. Instant Banking-They will provide instant account number, cheque book and International Debit-cum-ATM Card from where one can withdraw a sum of Rs.25000 everyday from any of the IDBI ATMs in India.

2. Instant money transfer-This includes Card to Card Money Transfer, cheques can be issued to many cities (over 92 cities in India), and Electronic Money Transfer (where online money can be transferred from customers account to any other bank account).

3. Online Ticket booking- Through IDBI Net Banking tickets can be booked online.

4. Other benefits- a person having IDBI Saving Account can get various other benefits like Suvidha Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Demat Account etc.

5. Provides Loan facilities

6 Payment of Taxes- <a href="/node/57362">Income Tax</a> and other Direct Taxes can be paid through IDBI, Excise Tax and Service Tax can be paid at select branches.

7 Family Account- If one person has a saving account with the IDBI, the other members of the family can open a SuperSavings Account without maintaining minimum balance in their individual accounts.

8 Foreign Exchange and World Currency Card- While travelling abroad IDBI Bank provides Forex services to its customers. The IDBI World Currency Card is a prepaid card that is accepted everywhere across the world.

Hence various benefits can be availed through IDBI Saving Account.