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IDBI Debit Card Annual Fee

The IDBI Debit Card is available to all account holders of IDBI Bank. It comes to the account holder with the welcome package received by the customer.The International Debit-cum ATM card is being offered
at a special discounted price of Rs 99 and service tax applicable. One add on card is given with each debit card.

It is used by the account holders at all IDBI ATM’s and all other ATM’s which have a tie up with IDBI Bank.
The debit card is used by the customer for the purpose of withdrawal of money.
The customer can check for the balance in the account.
The customer can also use it for the purpose of withdrawing a mini statement.

The IDBI Debit card gives you the flexibility of withdrawing cash and shopping in India and abroad. The withdraw able limit of IDBI card is Rs. 25,000 and shop at 13,000 merchant establishments. As this is a debit card which will be charged to your account so no worries about the loan which is getting accumulated while shopping.

Features of IDBI debit card

1. The debit card earns loyalty points on its usage.

2. From the visa ATM’s the amount of Rs. 75,000 or more can be withdrawn.

3. An insurance coverage which insures you against personal accident, lost card liability and lost baggage is covered with the usage of the debit card.

4. There is a zero surcharge on refueling by the IDBI card.

For any issues with the debit card there is a free helpline customer service number which can help people to sort there issues.