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IDBI Demat Account Charges

According to the NSDL terminology, the IDBI demand account charges are:

  • Free account opening.
  • Maintenance of account Rs 350 per annum. Non-IDBI accounts Rs 500 per annum.
  • Free quarterly statements.
  • Free fortnight statements.
  • Free monthly statements by emails.
  • Rs 25 for each statement request at the branch.
  • Rs 500 for each international post of statements.
  • Dematerialization of equity instrument 0.2% of face value, Rs 35 postage charge per request.
  • Dematerializations of debt instrument Rs 2 per certificate, Rs 35 postage charge per request.
  • Rematerializations of securities Rs 20 of every 100 securities.
  • Free transactions of equity and debt purchasing.
  • 0.04% of debt and equity selling transactions, Rs 30 per transaction.
  • Free purchase of inter-depository transfer.
  • 0.04% of selling of inter-depository transfer.
  • Pledging creation and closure charge Rs 0.05% of market value.
  • Service tax 12.24% of charges for depository services.

According to the CSDL terminology, the IDBI demand account charges are:

  • Free account opening.
  • No custody charges.
  • Account maintenance for IDBI account holders Rs 350 per annum.
  • Account maintenance for on IDBI account holders Rs 500 per annum.
  • Free quarterly statements.
  • Free fortnightly statements.
  • Free monthly statements.
  • Rs 25 for each statement request at the branch.
  • Rs 500 each for the international post of requested statement.
  • Dematerializations of equity and debt instruments 0.2% face value, Rs 35 per request, Rs 2 per certificate.
  • Rematerializations of securities 0.04% market value, Rs 20 per certificate.
  • Free buying transactions of equity and debt.
  • Debt and equity selling transactions 0.04% of the market value, Rs 30 per transaction.
  • Pledging charges 0.05% for creation and closure, 0.15% for invocation, of the total market value.

This is an over view of IDBI demand account charges. For details customer may visit the site