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IFSC Code Punjab National Bank

Indian Financial System Code of any bank which is known as IFSC code is the code used for electronic money transfer purpose. This 11 digit alpha numeric number remains printed on the cheque leaves of the cheque book. The first 4 digits of the number is fir the identification of the bank, the next 4 digits are the control characters and the last 3 digits are the code for the respective bank branch. This code is being identified by the RBI to for various payment projects within the country and in due course it covers all the networked branches of the country. 

The MICR short form of magnetic ink character recognition technology is used by the retailers, corporation and government agencies for checking the legitimacy and originality of paper documents and cheques. This technology is used to minimize the exposure of cheque fraud and thus to enhance security. 

All the branches of Punjab National Bank have respective IFSC code. Some of the IFSC codes Punjab National Bank are given below:
'''ABOHAR MAIN'''                                                 PUNB0000100 / NON-MICR
'''ABU ROAD'''                                                       PUNB0000200 / NON-MICR
'''BELANGANJ'''                                                     PUNB0000300 / 282024002
'''DARESI NO.2'''                                                   PUNB0000400 / 282024005
'''MASKATI MARKET, AHMEDABAD'''                  PUNB0000500 / 380024006
'''MANDI    '''                                                          PUNB0000700 / NON-MICR
'''KUTCHERY ROAD'''                                           PUNB0000800 / NON-MICR
'''TILAK ROAD'''                                                     PUNB0000900 / NON-MICR
'''RAILWAY ROAD, ALIGARH'''                             PUNB0001000 / NON-MICR
'''CHOWK, ALLAHABAD'''                                     PUNB0001100 / 211024003
''CIVIL LINES, ALLAHABAD''                                PUNB0001200 / 211024002
'''MANU MARG'''                                                    PUNB0001300 / NON-MICR
'''AMBALA CANTT'''                                              PUNB0001400 / NON-MICR
'''TANDURA BAZAAR'''                                         PUNB0001500 / NON-MICR
'''AMRAVATI'''                                                        PUNB0001600 / NON-MICR
'''HALL BAZAAR'''                                                  PUNB0001800 / 143024002
'''KATRA AHLUWALIA, AMRITSAR'''                    PUNB0001900 / 143024013
'''LAWRENCE ROAD, AMRITSAR    '''                  PUNB0002000 / 143024004
'''AMROHA'''                                                          PUNB0002100 / NON-MICR
'''ARRAH CHOWK'''                                              PUNB0002200 / NON-MICR
'''ANANTNAG'''                                                      PUNB0002300 / NON-MICR
'''AMRELI'''                                                            PUNB0002400 / NON-MICR
'''AMALNER'''                                                        PUNB0002500 / NON-MICR
'''PUTLIGHAR'''                                                     PUNB0002600 / 143024003
'''ASHOK NAGAR, INDORE'''                               PUNB0002700 / NON-MICR
'''AMBASAMURAM'''                                             PUNB0002800 / NON-MICR
'''AMBUR'''                                                             PUNB0002900 / NON-MICR
'''RAJA MANDI'''                                                    PUNB0003000 / 282024007
'''ANUPSHAHR SUBZIMANDI'''                            PUNB0003100 / NON-MICR
'''BASTIN BAZAR, ASANSOL'''                             PUNB0003200 / NON-MICR
'''SHAHI BAGH'''                                                   PUNB0003300 / 380024011
'''BAHADURGARH'''                                             PUNB0003500 / 110024204
'''BALLABGARH'''                                                 PUNB0003600 / 110024105
'''BALRAMPUR'''                                                   PUNB0003700 / NON-MICR
'''BANGALORE CITY'''                                          PUNB0004100 / 560024002