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IFSC code Central Bank of India

Indian Financial System Code known as IFSC code in short is the 11 digit code used for all sorts of electronic money transfer purpose. This code is an alpha numeric number of which the first 4 digits are the bank identity code, the next 4 digits are control characters and the last 3 digits are the identity of the bank branch. This IFSC code is printed on each cheque leaf of the cheque book. When a number of bank branches participate in electronic payment system each bank will need a single identifiable code to avoid any confusion or chaos. 

The magnetic ink character recognition technology or the MICR code is used for the verification of originality of paper documents. This MICR code is generally used by the retailers, corporations and government agencies. In some offices this technology is used to fasten the sorting of documents. 

Following are the IFSC and MICR codes of some of the branches of Central Bank of India: 

'''GUWAHATI '''                                       CBIN0280001 / 781016002
'''SHILLONG'''                                        CBIN0280006 / 793016002
'''BORING ROAD, PATNA'''                    CBIN0280008 / 800016006
'''PATNA'''                                               CBIN0280009 / 800016002
'''RAJENDRA NAGAR PATNA'''             CBIN0280011 / 800016004
'''BIHAR SHARIF'''                                 CBIN0280012 / NON MICR
'''RAJGIR'''                                             CBIN0280013 / NON MICR
'''MUZAFFARPUR'''                                CBIN0280015 / NON MICR
'''SITAMARHI'''                                       CBIN0280020 / NON MICR
'''DUMRA'''                                             CBIN0280023 / NON MICR
'''BETTIAH'''                                           CBIN0280027 / NON MICR
'''MOTIHARI'''                                         CBIN0280028 / NON MICR
'''LUTHAHA'''                                          CBIN0280030 / NON MICR
'''RAXAUL'''                                            CBIN0280031 / NON MICR
'''CHAPRA'''                                            CBIN0280033 / NON MICR
'''SIWAN'''                                               CBIN0280034 / NON MICR
'''ARRAH'''                                              CBIN0280039 / NON MICR
'''SASARAM'''                                         CBIN0280040 / NON MICR
'''GAYA'''                                                 CBIN0280043 / NON MICR
'''BODH GAYA'''                                      CBIN0280045 / NON MICR
'''JAMALPUR'''                                       CBIN0280047 / NON MICR
'''LAKHISARAI'''                                     CBIN0280049 / NON MICR
'''DARBHANGA'''                                    CBIN0280051 / NON MICR
'''LAHERIASARAI'''                                CBIN0280052 / NON MICR    
'''MADHUBANI'''                                     CBIN0280053 / NON MICR
'''SAMASTIPUR'''                                   CBIN0280055 / NON MICR
'''BALLYGUNGE, KOLKATA'''                CBIN0280090 / 700016006
'''BOW BAZAR, KOLKATA'''                   CBIN0280091 / 700016008
'''BRABOURNE ROAD, KOLKATA'''      CBIN0280092 / 700016004    
'''CAMAC STREET'''                              CBIN0280093 / 700016013
'''COLLEGE STREET, KOLKATA'''         CBIN0280094 / 700016012
'''DHARAMTALA, KOLKATA'''                CBIN0280095 / 700016015
'''HOWRAH'''                                          CBIN0280113 / 700016021