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Indane Gas Booking

Submitted by Ekikrat on Sun, 12/11/2016 - 11:24

Indane Gas is the name of LPG gas used for domestic as well as commercial use in India. A normal domestic Indane LPG cylinder weighs 14.2 kg and in select few cities, 5 kg domestic LPG cylinders are also available.


  1. Ways for Indane Gas Booking
  2. Indane Gas Booking
  3. Security Deposit for New Indane Gas Connection
  4. Steps to be followed after the caution deposit
  5. How to apply for Indane Gas Connection

Ways for Indane Gas Booking

Indane gas booking can be done in 3 ways, by phone, by online or by directly contacting the indane gas distributor.

  • To make a new gas cylinder booking (refill), you can make a phone call to the distributor and get it booked.

You can call on For Landline users: MTNL: 1260, OTHER: 2561103.

  • For more information and query call 155233

You can visit and find the nearest LPG distributor.

  • You can even utilize SMS facility for the first time, then SMS ‘REG < Distributor Telephone Number (Landline) > < Consumer Number>’ to 54625.
  • You can even visit the distributor in person and book the gas cylinder.

In order to refill the gas cylinder Indane gas has come up with the advanced facilities like online booking, mobile booking, phone booking etc. You can send a simple SMS, or make a call to the executive for the refilling of your cylinder.

For more information on refilling via different methods and to find the nearest Indane gas distributor you can visit Indane Gas Connection

Indane Gas Booking

To book Indane gas online, follow the steps -

  • Log on to and click on the online gas booking link.
  • If you are a new user you would be asked to open a new customer account.
  • Once the account is created login to your account and apply for the new gas connection by filling all the valid details or if you are already a member, fill the form and your request for Indane Gas Booking will be taken and forwarded to nearest indane gas distributor.
  • For a new customer, a Customer id will be generated to you which you should save. Visit the nearest Indane Distributor branch and submit the above documents mentioned. Once the verification is done, a new gas connection will be availed to you.
  • For older customers, they don't have to do anything, after giving the request, your nearest distributor will give you a call (in a weeks time or whenever he get the filled cylinder for you) and deliver it to your home.

Security Deposit for New Indane Gas Connection

Security deposit needs to be paid for a new Indane LPG connection. The rates for the security deposit vary from one state to another and they are as follows:

a. North Eastern States of Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Manipur, the security deposit for a 14.2 kg and 5 kg gas cylinder is Rs. 900 and Rs. 350 respectively. The deposit for pressure regulator Rs. 100.

b. For rest of India, the security deposit for a 14.2 kg and 5 kg gas cylinder is Rs. 1250 and Rs. 350 respectively. The deposit for pressure regulator Rs. 150.

Steps to be followed after the caution deposit

  • After the payment of the security deposit, the customer is then presented with the Subscription Voucher and that need to be kept very carefully by the customer.
  • With the help of this voucher, a customer can book new Indane LPG cylinder.
  • This voucher is also needed if a customer wants to shift their connection to a new place.
  • A Domestic Gas Consumer Card is issued to the customer that contains all the necessary details of a New LPG connection.
  • In this card, the staff of an Indane distributor enters the details of Indane supplies and other allied services.

How to apply for Indane Gas Connection

If you want to book Indane gas but do not have a connection, first you need to apply for it (register as a user)

To avail a new domestic indane gas connection one need to submit the following documents:

  • Ration Card or Voter Identity Card,
  • Electricity Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Passport
  • Employer's Certificate
  • Flat allotment / possession letter
  • House registration papers
  • PAN card, which is issued by the department of Income Tax
  • Driving License, etc.

One can produce any one of the above-mentioned documents as a proof of residence

  • After producing the above-mentioned documents, the connection is released immediately.
  • At the same time, a person who is opting for a new gas connection must also get an ISI mark Hotplate as well as a rubber tube.
  • This facilitates the installation of the new gas connection at the customer’s residence.