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Indian Bank Sites

The Bank is very important and integral part of every individual. The Banks not only finance us when we are in need, but also used as a safety place for our money, jewels and many documents & other things. There are many important aspects in banks like saving money, safety lockers, variety of loans, fund transfer and many more. The following are some of the top banks in India and their advantages.

1) Canara bank is one of the nationalized banks in India. It is one of the Commercial bank and also one among the old banks in India. Its headquarters is located in Bangalore. It has a total business of about 2 trillion.

2) Indian bank is also one of the nationalized banks in India. Its headquarters is present in Chennai. The gross revenue of this bank is around 4000 Crores. It has so many branches across India which gives easy access to lame people.

3) Punjab National Bank is the second-largest government owned banks in India. Its headquarters is present in New Delhi, India. The revenue that this bank produces is far ahead of many other banks in India. It has total revenue of 2.32 billion USD which is higher than many banks.

4) The Reserve Bank is the central bank of India which has a headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This mainly sees the financial positions of others banks and is the main bank is India. The main objective of RBI is to create and issue currency notes and to maintain a financial stability between banks.

5) The Corporation Bank is also one of the nationalized banks in India and which has a headquarter in Mangalore, Karnataka. This bank is the one which completes 100 years of service to the public and it is mainly designed for farmers and agriculturalists for their timely requirements.