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Indian Railway Timetable

Indian Railway Timetable

Indian Railways is considered as one of the largest railway networks in Asia and second largest railheads across the world. From past 150 years or so, it has been a major means of transport serving millions of population all over the country.

Indian Railways is headed by a Cabinet Railway Minister and is governed by the department of Indian railways. The railways in the past also helped in improving the agriculture and industry of the country. This organization is a public-private body and enjoys the domination over the rail transport system of India.

It is also known for its busiest and largest railway networks across the world. Indian railways cater to approximately 16 million commuters everyday. The rail system in India comprises multi-traction system and multi gauge covering an approximate length of 67,608 miles.

Information on Indian Railway Timetable

For the convenience of passengers, Indian railways have introduced a handy timetable comprising the names of the trains along with their numbers and destination stations. However, the timetable mentions only some train stoppages station. The Indian railway timetable is a quick guide for international and domestic tourists. The Indian railway timetable includes information concerning arrival or departure of trains, pantry cars accessibilities, daily services and many more.

A guide to use Indian Railways Timetable

In order to use this handy timetable booklet one has to perform, following steps:

Making use of station index

• Browse through the time table station index on page 9, where the information is accessible concerning the destination and originating stations in alphabetical order.
• A list of various destination stations is available in this handy booklet comprising numbers and names of the train, which adjoins to the desired destination stations.
• You can check through the index weather or not there is any alternative train available having low fare than the former.

Making use of train index number

• You can just toggle on to page 46 and 40 obtaining details concerning the name and number of the train, where the information is enlisted in an ascending order altogether with the name of the train you have chosen to travel on.
• If you know your train’s number and name, then you can easily find the information from the timetable booklet.

Making use of route maps & table numbers

• Pg 8 of the booklet comprises a route map, which would help you deciding the train to board in while heading towards your destination.
• The numbers imbibed alongside the route maps indicate the table numbers.

Indian railways have its own official website from where you can toggle through the handy booklet and can also enquire related to the reservation, PNR status and many more.