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Indian railway Break Journey rules

Passengers while travelling want to break their journey for some business purposes or to maintain some social responsibility. This flexibility in travelling is known as Break journey in Indian Railway. In other words, break Journey means terminating journey midway temporarily. Indian railway has also introduced such flexibility and allows passengers to break their journey midway without losing the validity of tickets.

But not all passengers can take the benefit of such flexibility. There are some terms and conditions within which a passenger is allowed to break his or her journey. Here are some pre-conditions for break journey. Break journey has got some benefits. In Indian Railway ticket costs cheaper for longer distance and when one purchases a ticket for a longer distance he or she will definitely gain in terms of fare. If ticket is purchased for each leg of travel it costs dearer. Further, due to heavy rush in ticket counters purchasing tickets for longer distance; avoid the mad rush in buying a ticket.

It is available for Second class ordinary Tickets. If one travels for more than 500 kilometers he or she is entitled to break his or her journey. A break journey means 2 days stay excluding the day of breaking and day of resumption of journey. An endorsement while availing break journey is required to be made by the passenger. And while resuming journey again similar endorsement is required. Ticket checking staff or Station Master is allowed to endorse Break journeys.

Reserved tickets are not available for break journey and lack the flexibility of break journey like a second class ordinary ticket. Similarly ticket issued in Rajdhani express or Shatabdi Express is not breakable. But if one plans his or her journey, he can avail the benefit of break journey according to needs. In this case one will have to reserve tickets till the station in which one wants to break journey. Tickets can be issued for longer distance but reservation can be made upto the desired station.

If one break one’s journey to change train within 24 hours such breaking is not termed as break journey. And one is also allowed to do so without losing the validity of one’s ticket.

If a ticket is issued for a particular purpose and concession is availed, such tickets are non breakable. For example if a cancer patient purchase a ticket to attend a doctor or go to a particular hospital for treatment and avails concession granted by the Indian railway, he or she cannot break his journey.