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Indian Railways Ticket booking

Indian railways ticket booking

Since the introduction of train voyages in the year of 1853, when there started first passenger rail, Indian Railway has been innovating and reinventing itself since then. Indian Railways have come a long way, starting from the invention of locomotives to electric-express trains. While the comfort and make that the Indian railway offers has obviously enhanced with a boost in the field of technology, with an accurate revolutionary theory of the Railways in India has been a beginning of Indian railway reservation system online.

Evolution of Indian railways ticket booking

Indian railways attempted to modernize the system of booking the tickets by offering an online service in order to make the process of reservation convenient and smoother for the travelers. Despite various reservation counters available in every part of India, Indian Railway Network introduced this bold feature. With this facility available to the travelers, the tickets can be easily booked without standing in the long queues, or frantically seeking out for the appropriate train and variations of fare in different accommodation classes of the tickets. One can also get access to all the necessary information, involving train numbers, category of the coaches, accessibility of the train tickets and fare for every class, within a few clicks. Indian railways ticket booking is the most convenient option because of its payment method.

Benefits of online booking

Earlier, the Indian railways ticket booking system accepted only the credit cards, but now one can make use of debit cards and debit transfers in order to make payment for the reservation of tickets on online system of train reservation. Keeping in mind, the convenience of the traveler, Indian Railways train booking via online system of reservation are accessible in two forms, i.e. I-Ticket and E-ticket. The E-Ticket is instantly sent to the passenger as soon as it is booked via E-mail. And I-ticket is delivered by a regular mail, which takes at least two to three days time to get delivered. Apart from the convenience that Indian railways ticket booking system provides to reserve the tickets well in time, it also offers details related to other Indian Railways facilities.

Indian Railways Website

Indian Railways has its own official website where one can check the status of the tickets, reservation and PNR status online. The site also provides information concerning online ticket booking and reservation system since it is readily available process, comprising concession and cancellation policies. Indian railways have also helped in growing the industry of the country.