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Insurance Plan for children in LIC

It is the duties of the parents to look after their children well and care for them. As there are many debates going on about “do the children need LIC policy?”, many do not bother about the importance of such insurance plans for children. In many of the cases, the policies taken for the child's welfare has remained a great gift to them.

The policies may help them in their education or in their future. Sometimes the money obtained by the policies becomes the foundation of the successful life of the children. The Life Insurance Corporation has taken all these into considerations and has created many policies for the children.

The parents are very caring about their children and I have seen people who take up the insurance policies for their new born babies. This will really help in the near future of the child for any purpose. The parents consider this as a stable coverage for their children.

Some of the best benefits of the child insurance policies are that the amount can help for the college education of the child, there is a accrued cash benefit, offers premium stay, there is a permanent protection that is offered, etc.

Some of the popular insurance plans in LIC for the benefit of the children are jeevan anurag, komal jeevan, jeevan kishore, jeevan chhaya, etc. the basic benefit is the policy holder is paid some percent of the basic at the beginning of each year during the policy time. He is also paid some percent when the policy matures. All these plans also have the benefit of paying the basic amount, when the insured person dies, that is paid during the signing of the insurance.

Take up a policy and start saving for your children’s education!