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Isha Sahni

Isha Sahni

Recently, a brand new face has been introduced in Tollywood and she is Isha Sahni. This vivacious and young beauty is a new invention of Director Sukumar, who is famously known as ‘Arya’ in Tollywood. She is one of the most beautiful and sensation in the Tollywood film fraternity and have started to attract several producers and directors with her looks. Isha Sahani has been paired opposite Ram in her new film Jagadam. Entire shooting was held in Hyderabad. The movie was completely focused to cater to the general masses. Therefore, it was a mass kind of film.

Isha Sahni-Tollywood

Tollywood in past have seen various new faces coming from <a href="/node/65082">Bollywood</a> and other country parts. The appetite of South Indian heroines are pretty high, therefore, the demand of slim and outrageous girls is more. Isha Sahani is one such female, who is beautiful, slim and sensuous, thus attracting several producers and directors for their new ventures.

Isha Sahni-Physical Attributes

Isha Sahni is slim and sensuous, not being like other south Indian heroines. Her spatiality is her complexion which is extremely fair with a red glow. Her silky and smooth body has attracted several other actors and directors to work with her.

Career and Background

The music of her movie Jagadam is being composed by Devisri Prasad, who is a well renowned composer of Tollywood. The movie has been produced by yet other one of the well-known producers of the Tollywood. The movie became a huge hit, which made Isha Sahni fetching more acting projects in her pipeline. The tunes of this movie have become much popular amongst young generation. The movie became a huge hit and is mostly liked by youth. One of the plus points of this film was its cinematography, which was done by Ratnavelu.

'Her Achievements'

The audiences liked her acting skills, though it was her debut movie she needs to improve a lot.