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Karam Apnaa Apnaa

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Introduction :

The central character of the story is Gauri Chatterjee, a Bengali girl who grew up in or near Calcutta. Her family consists of her father Alok Chatterjee, a well-respected man who is the typical strict-but-loving father to his two daughters, Gauri and the younger Kaaya, who hopes to become a doctor. Gauri's mother is dead, and so therefore, they live with their dad's sister (Mashima), who takes care of them well. Mahen Kapoor is Alok Chaterjee's best friend, and so Mahen comes to Alok with an idea of Gauri to get married to Shashank. Shashank is Mahen's employee, and also a good friend of Mahen's son, Shiv Kapoor. At first Gauri is scared and does not want to get married, but soon they both fall in love.

On the day of her wedding Gauri was really looking forward to getting married with Shashank, but she was shocked to see the rude Shiv Kapoor who was always mean to her sitting in the temple instead of Shashank. Gauri was forced to marry Shiv, by her kismat and soon she forgot all about Shashank and had to get used to living in the Kapoor household. There Palak, and Maya were always mean to her and made fun of her, and Shiv was the worst to her. She would have to sleep on the floor and would be really cold because of Shiv's Habit of putting the air conditioner on really high. Ipshita was Shiv's love.

They still loved each other but they couldn't get married because of Shiv's kundali problem, (his very first wife would die within the first year of his marriage). Shiv and Gauri remained married however, after he proclaimed his love for Gauri on the night that he was set to divorce her. Since then, Shiv has died and Gauri married Samar, Shiv's twin brother, for the sake of her three young children. Shiv was killed by Shashank, who was originally set to marry Gauri. Nikhila, Samar's mother passed away, and Samar thought it was Gauri who killed her, however it was later revealed to be Maya, Mahen's sister. Samar and Gauri made up, and Samar was then diagnosed with having a brain tumor, which he has hidden from Gauri.

==Produced by :== Balaji Telefilms

==Directed by :== Ekta Kapoor

Cast :

Pallavi Subhash - Gauri Kapoor
Yash Tonk - Shiv Kapoor/Samar Kapoor
Iqbal Khan - Ex Shiv Kapoor
Salil Ankola - Mahen Kapoor
Apara Mehta - Dadi
Achint Kaur - Nikhila (Mahen's wife)
Shriya Bisht - Ipshita
Geetanjali Tikekar - Maya (Mahen's sister)
Roopa Ganguly - Suguna
Hiten Tejwani - Anupam
Jaya Bhattacharya - Shyla (Daksh's wife)
Sumit Sachdeva - Shashank
Sandeep Baswana - Dr.prateek

Timings :

Program will be telecasted at 2.00 – 2.30PM.

When :

On Monday to Friday

Which TV :

Star Plus