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Kuchh Is tara

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This is a love story of a teenage middle class girl waiting for her prince charming. An accidental meeting with destiny (her Prince Charming), love at first sight, blossoming romance…but what happens when the love story is spiked by the ‘hate guru’…(a cynic who reacts instantly at the very mention of love, romance & marriage).

Kanya (played by Dimple Jhangiani) is a simple middle class family and lives with her doting father, two sisters and a brother. She is the typical girl-next-door who dreams of seeing her prince charming riding on a horse and sweeping her off her feet into a world of dreams.

Aayan is the perfect prince charming - young, dashing and rich. Kanya meets him and falls in love at first sight. Love grows between them as the days pass by and there comes the ‘hate guru’ – Ranbir (Aayan’s uncle) who enters their lives and brings problems for their love.

There starts the journey of Kanya who is in love. Between the two men and a series of extra ordinary events, Kanya’s life moves. This misty November Sony Entertainment Television brings back romance that most women long for. Join Kanya and take off on her flight to fantasy where love, romance, dreams never end… Kuchh is tara.

Last Episode

In the party when Akki sees Kanya dancing with Ranbeer he gets jealous and hurts himself and Rishi notices that. Akki asking Pammi and Anant about Kanya’s life where they lie to him about certain matters. Akki warns Ranbeer and tell him to stay away from Kanya. We show Pooja is helping Rishi to investigate about Natasha’s case. Akki gets doubtful with Kanya’s past.

August 13, 2008

We show Rishi has gone to Pooja for help in regards to Natasha. On the other hand we show Big D has organized a party for Akki. Pooja invites Rishi also so that if Natasha attacks he can expose her. While having conversation Rishi lits a cigarette in front of Kanya and she turns into Natasha. Akki takes her to room where she throws a vase on Ranbeer’s photo and Rishi enters.

==Timings:== Program will telecast on Mon - Thu, 9:00 pm only on Sony TV

==Created by== Balaji Telefilms

==Directed by== Ekta Kapoor

Opening theme "Kuchh Is Tara" by Pamela Jain


Dimple Jhangiani
Akashdeep Saighal
Vishal Singh
Sudha Chandran/Anju Mahendru
Rajendra Gupta
Jayati Bhatia
Tarana Raja
Adita Godbole
Shaanta Tai
Harpal Godbole
Ambika Nanda/Big D
Sooraj Thapar
Astha Nanda
Arth Nanda
Shlok Nanda
Siddharth Nanda
Revaa Nanda
Ira Nanda
Shivangi Tomar
Aamir Ali
Praneeta Sahu
Madhuri Bhatia
Amit Jain
Anmol Singh