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Kuchipudi Dance

Kuchipudi Dance is a drama in the form of classical dance, which was originated in Kuchipudi village in Southern Part of India. The name of this dance form was derived from Kuchelapuram district, Andhra Pradesh. Earlier, this dance form was formerly executed by only men. In today’s time, a majority of Kuchipudi dancers is women. The Kuchipudi dramas are basically enacted in the evening, on improvised stage, in the open sky. Kuchipudi is yet another jewel in the majestic crown of rich culture of India and the dance is famous for its charm, elegance and grace. Kuchipudi was refined, protected and nurtured by the proficient artists, responsible for its present form.

History & Growth of Kuchipudi Dance

Kuchipudi has now reduced to only a dance form, which is presented by a group of proficient and trained dancers in their own individualistic ways. Kuchipudi dance was introduced in 3rd Century B.C. It was initially performed at the temples only by the Brahmin men, who are known as Bhagavathalu. Siddhendra Yogi, who is one of the legendaries, defined the Kuchipudi dance form with an objective to eliminate the women exploitation. Within a period of time, owing to the efforts made by Siddhendra Yogi, Kuchipudi got enriched as one of the major dance forms by the participation of the female dancers on the later stage. The reforms that were introduced in the past by various legendaries have led women to play the male parts as well.

Music in Kuchipudi Dance

This dance form is mainly performed on the Carnatic classical music and the lyrics are mainly sung by the vocalists of the dance group. The recital portion is done by “Nattuvanar” in the rhythmic styles. Violin, flute and mridangam are the three instruments which are used for recital in Kuchipudi dance.

Dance expression sin Kuchipudi Dance

Kuchipudi dance is the most suitable amalgamation of Natya, Nritya and Nritta. Nritta includes a song, Nritya, also known as Sabdams consists of understanding of a song by dance moves and Natya amalgamates both the dance expressions to have expressions and storyline.

Famous Kuchipudi dance

The most famous Kuchipudi dance form is the pot dance, wherein the dancer keeps a water pot on his or her head, while at the same time balancing the feet on the brass plate. The dancer, by operating the brass plate and keeping the feet on the rim of the plate moves on the entire stage, without any spilling of water.