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Kumkum - Pyara Sa Bandhan

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Introduction :

Kumkum, the title has been got from the the favourite bahu (Daughter-in-Law) of a Wadhwa family.

Kumkum is the story of the Wadhwa family, headed by its patriarch, Harsh Wadhwa and his wife Raajeshwari. The Wadhwa family is of high social esteem and the Wadhwa Group of Industries has a niche for itself. It is the story of characters who find themselves involved and entangled in relationships which destiny has in store for them.

The couple Harsh and Raajeshwari, in late 60s/early 70s has three children. The eldest son is Brijbhushan, a widower, who has never got along with his father Harsh. The two believe in completely different value systems. Hence the conflict between the two. He has a son, Rahul who in turn has a conflict with his father as he agrees with the values his grand parents believe in and doesn't see eye to eye with his errant father.

The other son Kulbhushan and his wife Veena are gentle, stable and make the perfect couple. As Harsh leads a retired life and never leaves home, it is Kulbhushan who handles the family business according to the principals and values of his father. In this, he is assisted by Jatin his eldest son, who has the dynamism of youth and the values of Harsh Wadhwa.

For Harsh, Jatin is his heir apparent. His lovely wife KumKum is the perfect companion. A very lively character, yet a person with a very sound head. She can take charge of things when required.

Sumit is Kulbhushan's second son. He too is in college along with Rahul and is in love with a girl called Renuka, a slightly arrogant, rich girl. Sumit is extremely attached to his <a href="/node/63825">bhabhi</a> Kumkum. They share a wonderful rapport and are more friends than anything. Preeti, the youngest daughter of Kulbhushan is the youngest in the family and everyone dotes on her.

Also staying in the house is Sukanya, Harsh's daughter along with her two daughters, Nalini and Malini. Sukanya is separated from her husband Hemant, who still works for the Wadhwa Group of Companies. Sukanya is the quintessential troublemaker and finds herself closer to Brijbhushan than others in the family. Nalini and Malini are the two comic characters of the series.

==Produced By :== BAG Films

==Directed By :== Anil V. Kumar

Cast :

Juhi Parmar - Kumkum Wadhwa[DEAD]/Kumkum Mishra after reincarnation
Hussain Kuwajerwala - Sumit Wadhwa[DEAD]/Sumit Raichand after reincarnation
Aron Bali - Harshwardan Wadhwa
Rita Bhaduri - Rajeshwari Wadhwa
Paritosh Sand - Kulbhushan Wadhwa
Prabha Sinha - Veena Wadhwa
Vivan Bhatena - Dhruv Wadhwa
Gagan Malik/Gaurav Khanna/Amit Khanna - Sharman Wadhwa
Sonia Singh/Sayantani Ghosh -Antra Wadhwa
Niyati Joshi - Aashka Wadhwa
Megha Gupta - Neeti
Mukul Dev - Pulkit
Mishir Mishra - Dr. Vikram
Shweta Kawaatra - Nivedita
Shishir Sharma - Brijbhushan Wadhwa
Alka Kaushal - Sukanya Bua
Tasneem Sheikh - Renuka
Aman Verma - Abhay Chauvan
Kabir Sadanand - Salil Patel
Sameer Soni - Yash Thakur
Buddhaditya Mohanty - Akshay

Timings :

Program will be telecasted at 1.00 – 1.30 PM

When :

On Monday to Friday

Which TV :

Star Plus