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Kurukshetra Magazine

Kurukshetra is a Hindi magazine published on a monthly basis. It is a Hindi magazine that generally deals with the various social and political issues of the society. Eminent thinkers and authors use this platform as an easy medium to reach the people of various classes of the society. The magazine has proved to be beneficial as people get to know about what is happening around them and to know about some possible and good solutions of the problems faced by them from some of the experts in this field. This is published by the publishing house Rajpal & sons from the city of Delhi.

Utility of Kurukshetra Magazine

The Kurukshetra magazine is a platform where people get a chance to voice their opinion about various issues that affects the society. This has not only helped to change and influence numerous government policies, it has also constructed a concrete path for them to criticize and develop the society. Hence it has been a favorite medium of expression.

Rise of popularity

The magazine also has been popular due to its detailed and analytic cover stories that are purely logical and readable complying with good quality. The good presentations from cheap stories are few contributing factor of the increasing popularity nationwide.

Readership profile

Kurukshetra has witnessed a rising demand among people from various sectors of the society and it has become equally famous among students, aged people and other people who are influenced by various changes in the political field of human development and rural development. Hence, the publisher has taken the initiative to reach the consumers that is the readers directly by sending them the magazine via post. This consumer oriented initiative taken up by the magazine editor has helped a lot in increase in circulation of the magazine. The Delhi based magazine has been able to build up a good circulation nationwide.

Contact Details of Kurukshetra magazine

Editor: Mr. Pranav
Rajpal & Sons
1590 Madarsa Road,
Kashmere Gate,
Delhi 110006, India.

Tele: 011- 23869812, 23865483,
Fax: 011-23867791