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Kya Dil Mein Hai

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This is a powerful story about a Bengali girl, Kaakon, who loves a man in her dreams.The lead role of a girl named Kaakon (Abigail),marries Drona with accepting her parents wishes.

Even kaakon get married nothing will stop her from loving a man in her dreams. The story tells realities and problems that happening in her life. This story depicts her as a strong and clever girl who was fighting for her rights. 

Kya Dill Mein Hai is about placing oneself freely and to move ahead in this world. Thus this is strong story of Love,Emotions, Sacrifice and Betrayal in one's life.

==Type:== Drama

==Characters:== Kaakon
Anurag/Rahul Punj
Ghosh Babu
Tapur (Kakoon's cousin, Aniket's wife)
Naina's father
Tamanna (Tanu, Rahul's younger sister)
Aniket (Tapur's husband)
Siddharth (Rahul's elder broher)

==Produce By:== Ekta Kapoor (Balaji Telefilms)

==Casts:== Abigail Pandey
Aamir Ali
Kritika Singhal
Deepak Qazir
Anita Hassanandani
Pawan Chopra
Krystle D'Souza
Anand Suryavanshi
Sandeep Rajora

==Timings:== Telecast time: 11.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M(Mon),
8.00 P.M to 9.00 P.M(Fri,Sat),

Re-Telecast time: 11.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M(Tue),
10.30 A.M to 12.30 P.M(Fri),
1.30 A.M to 2.30 A.M(Sat),
12.00 A.M to 1.00 A.M(Sun).

==When:== Telecasted on Monday, Friday, and Saturday.
Re-Telecasted on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

==Which TV:== 9X