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L1 Visa

L1 Visas are one of the non immigrant visa types to travel to United States of America. L-1 Visas are considered for the applicants who are working in an organization that has office in their home country as well as in the United States of America. The office in the United States of America should be a parent company or child company or sister company to that one in the home country.

Spouse of L-1 visa holders are allowed to work legally in the United States of America. L1 Visa has two categories L1A is for managers or executives and L1B is for workers with specialized knowledge. L1 could be a regular L1 in which the individual of the company has to file the L1 with necessary documents. L1 could also be a blanket L1 in which the company in which the applicant is working hires a large number of intra company transfer employees. It has been already verified by the USCIS that the company qualified for L1 with blanket options.

L-1 visa denial is a rare scenario. The consular officer approves the L-1 Visa if the individual is qualified and the parent organization and the organization in the United States are legitimate for L1 application process. L1 Visa applicants won’t be looked for the proof of ties to show with the home country as the L1 Visa applicants are allowed to become a potential immigrant after obtaining the green cards. L1 Visa holders are allowed to have the dual intent of stay.

L-1 Visa could be renewed or extended during the stay in the US on L1 Visa status. Only blanket L1 could not be renewed as it required another 365 days of working ties with the home country office after the expiry of the blanket L1 Visa.

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