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LIC New Janaraksha Plan

LIC New Janaraksha Plan

What is the nature of this policy?

LIC New Janaraksha Plan is suitable for the farmers and the workers. Since farmers depend upon the nature of climate and workers are subjected to the changes in trade cycles, strikes, labor disputes etc. It provides full life insurance for 3 years even when the premiums are not paid.

What are the premium and the age entry level of this policy?

Non-medical premium is allowed up to the limit of Rs.2, 00,000 for 45 years people and Rs.1, 00,000 for the people between 46 to 50 years.

What is the accident benefit of this policy?

Even accident benefit is also available in LIC New Janaraksha Plan without payment of any extra premium.

What are the special features of this policy?

The non-medical limit is exclusive for this type of plan and also double accident benefit is provided to people. The special feature of LIC New Janaraksha Plan is that it provides full life insurance cover to the assured people for three years continuously even when the premium payments are stopped due to the specific reasons. But, they would have received at least 2 years of premium.

The survival of LIC New Janaraksha Plan includes the basic sum that was assured plus the vested bonus which falls under the with-profit plan.

What are the benefits of this policy?

The additional benefits of the plan are: If the 2 year premiums are paid under the policy then the policy is continued for 3 years even in the case when premiums are defaulted. This feature can be used for many times and no need to produce the evidence of health policy. It is also suitable for accidental benefits. The assured sum is paid either during the survival of the term or on death within the term.