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LIC Shiksha Sahayog Yojana

LIC Shiksha Sahayog Yojana

LIC Shiksha Sahayog Yojana is a social security scheme which was inaugurated in order to provide support for the educational purposes of the children economically who are covered under the scheme called LIC JanaShree Bima Yojana which was launched by LIC for benefit of those children under the poverty line. This plan was launched by Shri BalasahebVikhePatil, our former Honorable Union Minister of State for Finance.

This LIC Shiksha Sahayog Yojana plan was formed for those children who are members of the JanaShree Bima Yojana scheme. The eligibility criteria to be the member of this scheme would be as follows. Only those students studying in classes’ ix to xii and whose parents are covered under the JanaShree Bima Yojana scheme are eligible for getting the scholarship.

In any case if the student fails and is detained in the same class, then that particular student is not eligible to fall under this scholarship scheme for the next succeeding year in the same standard.

Each child under this LIC Shiksha Sahayog Yojana plan is given a scholarship of Rs.300 per quarter for a maximum period of four years. But this benefit is restricted only to two children per family. There is no requirement of payment of premium for the scholarship provided under this LIC Shiksha Sahayog Yojana plan.
In order to claim the scholarship, the member of the Janashree Bima Yojana with the child eligible for the scholarship need to fill in the application form and submit the same to the Nodal Agency who will work on to identify the suitable students. This scheme will be administered by means of Pension and Group schemes department of LIC.

When taking up this scheme you will asked to submit proofs for your identity as well as address and you can submit one of the documents like ration card, driving license, etc.