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Lost Passport

Lost Passport
If you have lost your Indian Passport you can get a duplicate of it very easily. There is a tatkal procedure for the people who want the passport immediately to leave for abroad. If you have lost your passport, then you need to do the following steps,

Police Complaint
Make a complaint with your nearest police station and you will be given a receipt for report which contains receipt number and expected enquiry date. Your complaint will enter in to the police records. This receipt number is useful to get a FIR if needed. Also, give complaint simultaneously to the passport office from which the passport was issued. On the expected enquiry date, police will give your passport if found or will issue a police certificate (FIR). Then go to passport office and apply for a new passport.

Duplicate Passport
For duplicate passport an application must be submitted with required documents either personally or a representative can apply if carrying an authority letter.
The documents required are as follows,

  • Duplicate passport application form which is same as new passport application
  • Two passport size photographs
  • The police certificate(FIR) and receipt
  • Address proof (old passport photocopy if available)
  • Educational qualification certificates photocopy
  • Date of birth proof
  • Notary for loss of passport(another notary is required if applying for tatkal)
  • An urgency letter for tatkal

Fee and Mode of Payment
Fee for issuing duplicate passport (36 pages) is Rs. 2500/-.
Fee for issuing duplicate passport (60 pages) is Rs. 3000/-.
Additional Fee for issuing duplicate passport in Tatkal is Rs. 2500/-
Fee can be paid either through Demand Draft in the name of passport officer concerned or in Cash.

Delivery of Passport
Passport may be delivered only to the applicant or dispatched by speed post to the address given in the application form.