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Maayka is the story of three daughters and their family. Their home is Maayka. One day a bomb explosion by a terrorist staying with them takes place at Malhotra's house. The whole Malhotra family dies, including Raji (eldest daughter), the mother, the father, Prince (younger brother), and the grandmother. Mahi and Soni survive this and handle harsh lives at their in-laws' house. Later that incident, Mahi goes back with Shabd. She eventually comes out of that nightmare. Shabad also makes her feel better and takes her for honeymoon. On her honeymoon with Shabd, he finds out that Mahi is not modern and goes mad since he feels Mahi lied to him. Soni moved with the Khurana's and later fell in love with Jeet, but Durga tried to stop this. Jeet and Soni proposed each other, and Jeet said he would tell everyone about this after his return from a business trip.

Durga tries to marry Soni to a very old man knowing that Jeet wouldhate her. Durga uses the old man's son to make it look like she is getting married to him in front of everyone else. On the wedding day everyone finds out at the last minute and finally Veer helps saying that he will marry Soni and marries her. After this, Shabd's father tries to burn Mahi in their farm house but Shabd saves her and father gets arrested. Mahi leaves the house feeling Shabd has not been faithful. He becomes depressed and he just sits and stares waiting for Mahi. Jeet who comes back becomes mad at Soni thinking she betrayed him and he still loves her.But Veer doesn't know all these.

Durga arranges Jeet's marriage with Cherry. Jeet was very uncomfortable with Cheery which Cherry wondered with. Veer comes back from the trip without knowing anything about this wedding. Veer recognizes Cherry as his first love in college and they recall those good old days. Durga asks the couples to go on a honeymoon. On the honeymoon, Cherry asks Soni about the first love of Jeet. Soni declined. The couples have fun and Cherry tells Jeet the intensity of love Soni and Veer have for each other.

Recently Mohini fixes Angad and Kamya's marriage. Mahi does not like this decision for some reason. Later she shockingly finds out that Angad loves her and not Kamya.

==Created by :== Klassic Productions, Flashback Films & Creative Eye

==Written by :== Mrinal Jha & Brij Mohan

==Directed by :== Ashwin Verma & Niranjan Malhotra

==Produced by :== Dheeraj Kumar

Cast :

Sudheer Pandey
Nandita Puri
Urmila Kanitkar
Arti Singh/Shilpa Shinde
Neha Bamb
Vivan Bhatena
Mohini Sharma
Vineet Raina
Vikrant Rai/Romit Raj
Neelima Kapoor/Aruna Irani/Shoma Anand
Pankaj Berry/Naresh Suri
Juhi Singh

==Telecast time:== 8.30 P.M to 9.00 P.M (30 mins long)

==When :== Telecasted on Monday - Thursday

==Which TV :== <a href="/node/64414">Zee TV</a>