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This city of temples is the holy birth place of Lord Sri Krishna. Mathura is city is located in the Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the most prominent pilgrimage places of the Hindus.

How to Reach Mathura

Mathura is the junction railhead where trains come from every cities of India. Planes are available from Agra airport and people can also avail flights from Delhi. Good network of roadways are available from Mathura. Buses are coming from every corner of the state as well as neighboring state.

Where to Stay Mathura

Mathura has quite a few luxury hotels catering to tourists. There are budget hotels too especially meant for the pilgrims. Some of thes hotels of Mathura which offers comfortable stay are International Guest House, Hotel Brijraj, Hotel Nepal, Agra Hotel, Modern Guest House, Hotel Brijbihar and plenty of other hotels.

Shopping in Mathura

Effigies of various styles of Lord Shri Krishna, Radha and Balaram can be bought from Mathura. Brass and marble idols are also available in the market.

It is important to know that non vegetarian food is strictly prohibited n Mathura. All the hotels and the restaurants offer delicious vegetarian food all cooked in north Indian style. Mathura is quite hot during the summer months when the temperature rises up to 45° C during day and the minimum remains at 22° C. The winters are generally mild and dry. The Temperature remains between 32° C and 14° C. Cotton is the best wear for all season though light woolens can be used in the winters.