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Medak District In AP

Medak District In AP

  • Medak, again a district known by the name of its headquarters which is about 70 km from Hyderabad on the way to Mumbai has places of varied interests.
  • The church popularity known as Medak church situated in a scenic region whose construction took 10 long years has an interesting legend associated with it.
  • This massive church which can hold upto 5000 people at a time has wonderful glass windows and splendid paintings illustrating events from the ‘Holly Bible’.
  • The district cannot evade the foraging eyes of archaeologists since a number of antique articles have been unearthed at the excavation site at kondapur.
  • These articles take one back to 3000 BC.
  • The ‘Bison Range’ at Popikondalu is replete with picturesque regions of nature’s bounty. The beautiful river Godavari courses elegantly along rise to serene lakes. This region offers exiciting scenery to stand and admire.
  • Medak comes under the metrological which experiences from November to February.

How To Reach Medak

Reaching Medak By Bus

On this Route - From Hyderabad to Medak the Distance is about approximately 97 km.By Drive from Hyderabad to Medak it approximately takes about 2.15 hours by car.

Reaching Medak by Train

Kamareddy is approximately 60km the nearest railway station to Medak.

Medak By Train (Nearest station Hyderabad)
From No. Train Name Arr. Time
New Delhi 2648 KONGU EXPRESS 12:22
New Delhi 2724 A P EXPRESS 19:50
Chennai 7651 KACHEGUDA EXP 07:30
Mumbai 2701 HUSAINSAGAR EXP 12:10
Chennai 2603 HYDERABAD EXP 05:45

In And Around Medak District Of AP


  • About 90 km on the west of Hyderabad , kondapur is the archeological site of excavations which has yielded some antique treasure dating back to 3000 BC.
  • Among the articles unearthed were , copper, silver and gold coins and relics of Buddhist, Roman and Satavahana Eras and also limestone sculptures and megalithic graves.

Visitors come here to get lost in antiquity

  • Another tourist attraction here is the Kondapur musem.
  • This museum is said to contain about 8,100 antiquities at present.

Medak Fort

  • About 75 km from Hyderabad , this magnificent fort with five sturdy cascading walls, on a scenic hillock is said to have been built by the Kakatiyas.
  • The hill is encircled by two of the five massive walls

Bastions can be seen at the entrance of each can be gate away
A flight of steps has been cut on the rocks for access in and out of the fort.

  • The fort also encompasses, a beautiful grand Mosque built in the 17th century, a gorgeous palace known as the Mubark-mahal, granaries where sumptuous heaps of grains where stored and beautiful stone houses which were the residence of the olden military commanders.
  • The gracious incline of the hill is embellished with Hindu-temple carvings.
  • The carvings of kakatiya emblem ‘Gandaherunda’, a double-headed eagle can also be seen.


  • A huge carved Nandi in front of the Veerabhadra temple is a temple in Alladrug.
  • This is a place of archeological value.

Manjeera Sanctuary

  • A small sanctuary of river line forest on the banks of River manjeera that homes many water bird species, mugger crocodiles and fresh water turtles.