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Mind and Qualities of Mind as per Ayurveda

Mind and Qualities of Mind as per Ayurveda

  • Mind is an inseparable union of the body, sensory and motor organs of the body and the soul.
  • Veda means knowledge, which is acquired through the mind and sense organs. Hence the mind plays a major and prominent role.
  • The dravya is a substance, which may be either animate (living) and inanimate (non-living). The following are the nine substances.
  • Aksha (space), agni (fire), vayu (air), prithvi (earth), jala (water), atma(soul), manas (mind), dik (direction) and kala (time).
  • Space is the various spaces of the body. Air is the subtle and gross movements. Fire (digestive) causes digestion and assimilation. Water maintains fluid balance.
  • Earth helps in shaping the body. Mind represents mental faculties. Soul is the ego or intellect. Time represents the living body and direction reveals the extension of space and time.

Qualities Of Mind

  • Mind possesses the same qualities as other substances. In addition to anutva and ekatva. More so, the qualities of viz satwa, rajas and tamas.
  • Mind has got dual qualities which are quite opposite to each other. The gunas of satva on one side and rajas and tamas on the other side.
  • The satva qualities will make a man of good character with good qualities. The rajas and tamas will make a bad and undesirable man with bad temperament and activities.

Qualities of satva----------------Qualities of Rajas and Tamas

  • Simplicity--------------------------------------------Anger
  • Brahmacharya-----------------------------------------Aversion
  • Bravery--------------------------------------------Pomp and show
  • Firmness----------------------------------------------Boasting
  • Equality of mind---------------------------------------Lethargy