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Minjar Fair

The Chamba valley hosts the International Minjar Fair form 19th to 26th July every year. A harvest festival the week long festivities include musical and cultural events. Villagers from surrounding areas all come to Minjar to put on a display of the native culture of the region. According to the Hindu calendar the festival begins on the second day in the month of Shravan. The festival is earmarked by the distribution of “Minjars” to kick off the festivities. A minjar is a silk tassel worn by both men and women of the state which is symbolic of the paddy shoots which begin growing at this time of the year.

The fair has been held every year for over one thousand years starting way back in 936 AD. Chambalwasis wear their Sunday best for the week long festivities. The biggest bazaar in the district is set up during the fair and the embroidered rumaals and chappals of Chamba famed the world over can be bought here.

In the evening Sport and Cultural events are held attracting both artists from all over the world. Police Band, local artists and traditional drummers mark the end of the festivities as the gods are immersed in the Ravi River.
The Minjar, seasonal fruit and one rupee for shagun follows the deities into the river as a mark of closure.
If a visit to the fair is made one should not miss the singing of the Kumjari-Malhar by the local musicians and the colourful procession of the deities with dancing troupes in their traditional costumes and the time-honored drum beaters.