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Mother Teresa Women & Children Policy Of United India Insurance

Women between 10 and 75 years of age regardless of their economic and social status are covered by this policy.

Let us briefly sketch a few salient points of this policy.


• If the insured woman suffers from total and permanent disablement or partial disablement as specified in the policy, then she is entitled to get RS. 25000.
• If she loses one limb or one eye then she is liable to get Rs. 12500.


  • If the husband of an insured woman dies then she will get compensation of Rs. 25000.
  • If the insured woman is a spinster, then her legal heir or guardian will get Rs. 25000, if she dies.

Additional coverage is also provided for total but temporary disablement and expenses towards legal divorce and also for damage or loss of household due to flood, fire etc.

The rate of premium is Rs. 15 annually for basic cover and Rs. 23 annually for both basic and additional cover.

An additional coverage is given for Rs. 9 for accidental death of wife to the husband wherein the husband is liable for a compensation of Rs. 25000.

Discounts are also given depending on the size of the group.

The policy also provides economic safety for two children. If either or both parents die due to accident then the children are liable to financial support annually till they are 18 years of age. When they become 18, they are entitled to the balance amount.

The policy can be taken comprehensively by paying a nominal premium.