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Naaginn - Waadon Ki Agniparikshaa

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TITLE: Naaginn - Waadon Ki Agniparikshaa


Naaginn - Waadon Ki Agniparikshaa is a Hindi TV serial that is telecasted in Zee TV since October 11, 2007 worldwide. The show is produced by AK Films, one of India’s largest media and entertainment company, based on an interesting saga of an ichadhari (wishful) 'Naaginn'.

The show is based on the story of Ichadhari Naaginn who takes revenge from the Singh family who her parents (they are the king and queen of Naag community) to attain the precious Naagmani (snake gem).

This is a tale of an ichadhari snake taking revenge on humans.The story revolves around an ichadhari nagin who transforms into a human form and takes revenge on the people responsible for her parents death which was for the precious Naagmani. Queen nagin instructs her daughter to give back their life by bringing naagmani again by taking revenge on those people. This starts the struggle of this ichadhari nagin. This revolves with the problems she faces as she starts loving her husband after transforming into human and getting married to the family she has to take revenge.

Created by : AK Films & Zee TV

Directed by : Aruna Irani

Opening theme : "Naaginn" by Richa Sharma

Cast : Sayantani Ghosh
Khushi Dubey
Manav Gohil
Preeti Puri
Divya Dwivedi
Aruna Irani
Ali Hasan
Siddharth Dhawan
Shahbaz Khan
Lata Sabharwal
Namrata Thapa

Timings : Telecast time: 8.30 P.M to 9.00 P.M (30 mins long)

When : Telecasted on Friday- Sunday

Which TV : Zee TV