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Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Mining and Nuclear Power Reactors in India

Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Mining and Nuclear Power Reactors in India

  • The Nuclear Power program has a number of ancillary operations which form the Nuclear fuel cycle. The DAE organizations contributing to the front – end of the Nuclear fuel cycle program are:
  • Atomic Minerals Directorate for Research & Exploration (AMD) – Hyderabad.
  • Uranium Corporation of India Ltd. (UCIL) – Jaduguda (Jharkhand).
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC) – Hyderabad.
  • Heavy Water Board (HWB) – Mumbai.

Back end of the cycle are:

  • BARC
  • Front end fuel cycle: It includes mining, milling and processing of ore and fabrication of fuel. Heavy water production is an ancillary program.
  • Survey and Exploration (1949)': AMD is engaged in survey, exploration and evaluation and evaluation of resources of uranium, thorium and niobium etc. Brahmagiri in Puri district of Orissa is the largest single deposit of heavy mineral resources in the country.
  • Mining and ore processing: operated by UCIL.
  • Nuclear fuel fabrication: This was done for power reactors and reservoir reactors at NFC and BARC. In the development of new fuels BARC and IGCAR are engaged.
  • Heavy water production and upgrading: HWB is responsible for building and operating heavy water plants in the country.
  • Back – end of Nuclear fuel cycle: It comprises of fuel reprocessing and nuclear waste management.

Nuclear Power Reactors

  • Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS) (Tarapur) with US collaboration
  • Nature of Reactor and year of establishment-BWR (1969)PHWR (2005,2006).
  • Units 1, 2.
  • capacity 2*160 MW,1*540 MW(commissioned by NPCIL in 2005).
  • Rajasthan APP, Rawatbhatta (Assistance from Canada for 1 unit.
  • Nature of Reactor and year of establishment-PHWR (1973, 1981 & 2000).
  • Units-(1, 2),(3, 4).
  • capacity4 * 220 MW.