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Officials of Assessment Department of KMC

The assessment department of KMC looks after assessing the property value of the citizens of Kolkata. These works are mainly executed by the Officials of Assessment dept. of KMC.

The main responsibilities of the officials of this department are:

  • To identify the premises.
  • To categorize the premises and evaluate according to the annual value of the property.
  • If there are any cases the officials should hear those and give decisions on them.
  • The department officials should issue and collect fresh or supplementary bills which might be useful for the generation of any change of value for the older property.
  • It is also the responsibility of the officials of this department to maintain and assess the master and send it for the Property Demand Bill Generation.

The citizens of Kolkata should know when to contact the Officials of Assessment dept. of KMC. Following are the three main conditions when the department should be contacted:

  • When an individual is purchasing new property he/she needs to contact the department within 15 days of receiving the purchase deed.
  • Mutation or succession or transfer of any property from one person to another.
  • Individuals should contact the department during separation or amalgamation or apportionment of property.

To execute these works of mutation, purchase or separation of the property individuals are supposed to submit some documents to the Officials of Assessment dept. of KMC. The documents required are:

  • For the purpose of purchase of new property, mutation, separation of ay property one should fill the A – 42 form and enclose the documents mentioned in the form.
  • The A – 42 forms are available at the Central Records counter of KMC headquarters.
  • The form along with the required documents should be mailed to the KMC office or the person can also visit the office in person.
  • A ‘No Outstanding Document’ is required as an additional document for separation, amalgamation and apportionment.
  • The form costs Rs. 10 and an additional mutation fee of Rs.100 is to be submitted. For separation and amalgamation another additional Rs. 300 is to be submitted.