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Online Passport Form

To obtain an Indian passport you can apply online by logging on to website The Online Passport Form has the following fields to be filled,

  • Passport Office – Select a passport office applicable to you.
  • District – Select a district under your passport office jurisdiction.
  • Service Desired -- Select a desired service like Fresh Passport, reissue
  • Surname – Enter your surname (enter full surname initials are not allowed)
  • First Name -- Enter your first name
  • Changed Name – select the check box if you have changed your name
  • Previous Name – Enter your previous name if you have changed your name
  • Sex – select your sex (male, female, others)
  • Date of birth – Enter your date of birth in the DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Place of Birth – Enter your place of birth
  • Country – Enter your Country in which you are residing currently
  • Qualification – Enter your qualification (this is optional field)
  • Profession – Enter your profession (this is optional field)
  • Visible Mark – Enter a visible mark.
  • Height – Enter your height in centimeters
  • Present Address – Enter your present address (enter at least two lines of address)
  • Permanent Address – Enter your permanent address (enter at least two line of address)
  • Enter Date since residing at the present Address in DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Enter Phone no, Mobile no, Email Address (these are optional fields)
  • Family Information – Enter Marital Status, Spouse’s Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name
  • If you are not residing at the present address for the last on year, then click on the check box and enter details of other addresses of residence in the last one year along with duration
  • If you are paying the fee through DD (demand draft) then enter DD no, DD date and select bank name
  • In case of reissue or renewal enter your old /existing passport no, issue date, place of issue, file number, date of expiry.

Once you have filled all the fields, you can either save or take a print out of the application. You can save your application to change any details and take print out afterwards. You can submit the completed application form along with specified fee and supporting documents at the passport office at given date and time.